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Hello, you are interested in receiving trader coaching? I am very happy you found your way to my service.

My services provides the possibility to establish your own trading business from scratch.

Trading Coaching Framework

My mission is to provide you tools & techniques to stabilize your performance at the markets.

Your benefit is to receive guidance developing a business process from a business process professional. Combined with a strategy to trade the financial markets underlying optimmized risk & moneymanagement rules provides a professional toolset to stabilize/optimize your trading edge. All this you receive in 1 on 1 coachings. In total 5 coachings are for free.

Coachings are held 1 on1 through Skype or Google Hangouts. This guarantees best practice for both of us.

Additionally the trader coaching framework contains two areas, knowledge and discipline, that are important and totally under your responsibility. Of course, there is advice given but execution is on you. To simplyfy  and structure that my trader coaching program follows five simple process steps.

5 Step Process

  1. First step is Goal defintion using the SMART method and will be closed with your mission statement.
  2. Second we define actions around your knowledge base to get you to a level that allows to apply your knowledge best.
  3. Third step is to transfer your knowledge into an idea  to trade the financial markets. Key on the third step is the documented process around your idea including preparation, execution as well as risk & moneymanagement rules.
  4. Fourth step ist to put your idea alive following the processes.
  5. Fifth step is to get the hands around after trade management and check back to the SMART Goal. Are you track? Yes, the you just proceed executing, else the improvement loop starts.

By completing the fifth step  with the result of an after trade management process we close the coaching.

Let me wrap up thing:  Having completed our free trader coaching program you received

  1. SMART Goal Mission statement
  2. Trading Process, including preparation, trader execution, risk & moneymanagement applucation.
  3. After trade management process inclusive statistical performance tracking package.

All that I provide to you for free if you agree to our conditions.

Interested? Please check our conditions  that apply to the trader coaching and register.

Any questions left you address using Skype Call/Chat Button placed in the right menu.

All the best and meet you soon!


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