About me

Hello, some words about me. I am Frank a trader based in Germany.

How did I get into trading?

Financial markets virus hit me right with the beginning of my studies of commercial information technology. Soon I opened my first trading account. Since then my trading journey started mainly learning adapting and improving. I am continuously developing in this area and just when I recognized to combine my professional expertise of process management the trading result started to get stable.

Losses are part of the trading investment on the way to get great results. To get there I take investments into account with ease.

Trading must be simple but unique

Every person is unique so must be everybodies trading strategy uniqly adjusted to fitting your strengths.

The cool thing about it that everythings bases on the same theory and principles so that already minor adjustments to the strategy makes it your own.

We must keep it simple. This is what I help your with

There is one thing in trading I recognized. This one thing is that every person is unique as its trading style must be too. But one thing all unique trading styles need to have to be successful that is structure and discipline. Out of this I knowledge I applied my professional expertise to my interest and thought this could help hundreds of traders out there too. So I phrased my Vision out of this which:

Sharing my knowledge with you

I want to share my knowledge with traders around the world that are interested establishing their trading edge.  Solidly with structure and discipline in execution.

Processes makes a difference

Well, my professional background is commercial information technology. Successfully active I am since more than twelve years in the area of business process improvement and project management and process integrated workflow system development. With that expertise I served and service industrial leaders in IT, Semiconductor and Pharma industry, successfully.

Looking forward to see you soon in trader coaching programm. Remember it is free of charge.

All the best