Trader Coaching

Hello, you are interested in receiving trader coaching? I am very happy you found your way to my service.

My services provides the possibility to establish your own trading business from scratch. If you are a trader then use the chance to get your trading to the next level.

The Trading Coaching Framework

My mission is providing you as a trader a coaching program that shares my knowledge to implement structure in your trading and help you executing on it with discipline.

Your benefit is to receive guidance developing a business process taught by a business process professional.

The trader coaching program combines to structure trading strategy with risk & money management rules. Together this results in a professional toolset to stabilize outcomes of your trading edge plus gives you structure as base for discipline.

The knowledge transfer to apply that you receieve in five 1 on 1 coachings via skype,for free.


The whole process is as simple as five process steps to be completed. (Don’t get me wrong, to apply that process steps may take some time, of course)

5 Steps Trader Coaching

  1. Goal Definition using the SMART method.
  2. Action Plan to get your knowledge where it has to be to step into trading. (Skipped, when you are already there)
  3. Tie an end to end process around your trading idea (Preparatin, Execution, Management)
  4. Risk & Money Management process, inclusive templates and caculators.
  5. After Trade Management process inclusive all templates and statistical tools needed.

By completing the fifth step  with the result of an after trade management process we close the coaching.

Let me wrap up thing:  Having completed our free trader coaching program you are an expert:

  1. knowing and following your personal SMART Goal Mission statement
  2. following your personal end to end Trading Process. You are a master of structure and discipline now.
  3. After trade management process inclusive statistical performance tracking package. This always gives you an idea if you are on track.

You get all this at no cost.

Interested? Check our conditions & register still today as capacity is limited.

All the best and meet you soon!


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by frsoh